Established in 1949, China Life is one of the pioneers in China's insurance industry. China Life Insurance (Group) Company is China's largest state-owned insurance institution. In 2019, China Life's consolidated total assets exceeded RMB4.5 trillion, with consolidated premium income amounting to RMB700 billion, ranking 42nd of Fortune Global 500 companies. China Life also ranked 5th in China's 500 Most Valuable Brands and 132nd in World's Top 500 Brands with a brand value of RMB353.9 billion, maintaining its leading position in China's insurance industry.


World-class Financial and Insurance Group

China Life's predecessor, the People's Insurance Company of China (PICC), was founded in 1949. It was renamed China Life Insurance Company in 1999 and following a restructuring, China Life Insurance (Group) Company was established in 2003. In 2016, China Life became the largest shareholder of China Guangfa Bank, opening a new chapter of synergized development of insurance, investment and banking business, solidly advances the coordinated development of insurance business in both value and scale, bolsters the contribution of investment segment, ramps up banking financial services , and rolls out integrated operations, technological innovations and international expansions in an orderly manner to comprehensively deliver the goal of building a world-class financial insurance group.


Mainstay of China's Insurance Industry

China Life Insurance(Group) Company is one of the world's largest financial service companies. Its subsidiary China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. has not only been China's top life insurer , but also was the first insurance company listed in New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai, earning it the Top Insurance Stock in the capital market of mainland China. In 2019, the Group's consolidated operating income exceeded RMB900 billion with a consolidated premium income of more than RMB700 billion, while the consolidated total assets amounted to over RMB4.5 trillion.


One of China's Largest Institutional Investors

China Life's business spans across insurance, banking, asset management, wealth management, industrial investment, overseas business and other segments. It has also engaged in securities, trust, futures, real estate and other sectors through strategic equity investment,bringing together a financial insurance corporation.Building on its principal business, China Life has been avidly expanding its third-party asset management business, investing in healthcare industries, accelerating the progress of senior care and well-being projects, As of the end of 2019, over RMB1.4 trillion of third-party assets were under China Life's management.






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